The beginning in undergroundwarriors

Underground warriors is a turn-based combat game, where your characters (NFT)
fight in street for dirty money and honor against their opponents.

Each character have unique abilities, advantages and weaknesses
that will determine the course of the battle..

UndergroundWarriors Basic Characters


Here are our basic characters:

Blaze: Fire element.
Raindrop: Water element.
Winry: Wind element.
Sabrina: Thunder element.
Boulder: Earth element.
Hebi: Poison element.

Along with these characters, there are also legendary characters that will appear during the course and evolution of UNDERGROUND WARRIORS world.

ALPHA, Earth legendary character
THUNDER, thunder element legendary character


Each element increases a different basic stats, which are listed below:

Fire — Increase attack points.
Water — Increased Life point regeneration and resistance to debuffs.
Wind — Increases evasion and chance of not taking damage.
Thunder — Increases the chance of critical hit and critical damage.
Earth — Increases health points and defense points.
Poison— Increases attack points and health regeneration when the opponent is poisoned.

Game footage

In addition, each element possesses a natural resistance or weakness against the opposing element:

Water > Fire > Earth > Wind > Poison> Thunder > Water

When winning a fight the player obtains an amount of dirty money (WP). This token can be traded on or used on the “Black market” to buy other characters, evolution crystals, pets and battle pass.

Part of these coins, plus additional crystals, are necessary for the evolution of your characters,
which can reach a level of 5 stars (Tier 1).


The tokenization of UW is the following:

Token Name: WP (warriors Points)
Contract Name: con_uwarriors_lst001

Max Supply: 40,000,000.-
Starting Price: 0.01USD.-

Sale: 8,000,000.- (20%)
Liquidity Pool: 4,000,000.- (10%)
Team Lock: 4,000,000.- (10%)
Game Rewards: 10,000,000.- (25%)
LP Farming rewards: 14,000,000.- (35%)

**All tokens that are not sold before being listed on rocketswap will be burned

  • WP are obtained by winning battles.
  • WP are obtained by purchasing the battle pass (completing missions).
  • WP are obtained through farming liquidity points (LP).
  • WP are obtained for the sale of characters and items in the “black market” .-

You can buy WP before launch in rocketswap (DEX).

OTC PURCHASE (before being listed)

Contact: @Exzce

People new to the Lamden ecosystem are able to buy with ETH, BNB, USDT and BUSD in order to receive 15% bonus

Buy with ETH, BNB, USDT, BUSD; Get 15% Extra token.
Buy with TAU, RWSP; Get 5% Extra token.


Purchase through Rocketswap once listed (07/28/2021); At market price.

*Founders and purchases of starter, advance and master box will be given the
new token in relation to the new established supply (RATIO 1:8) for example:

Starter Box: 50WP
Starter Box: 400WP

Founder Box: 1,000WP
Founder Box: 8,000WP

In the following article we will talk about:

Pets, how to change the metagame..

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Underground Warrios A fighting game with elemental skills that will be your best weapon or your greatest weakness, LEVEL UP YOUR CHARACTERS..