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UW is a fighting game with elemental characters and abilities (Fire, Water, Wind, Earth), all the NFT objects obtained in the game are collectible, tradable and with the ability to evolve not only in the game but also in the blockchain as such.

Skill System

NFT Characters and digital assets

Each character in UW is a unique NFT, this digital asset will have the ability to level up and evolve within the blockchain, giving value to your asset in relation to the time spent playing, this concept gives value to the assets of the players based on to the game economy … thus allowing not only its value to be established in relation to the token of the game, but the cryptocurrency of the network.

In addition, there are other digital items (NFT) that are necessary for the development of the game, for example the Evolution Crystals, these items can be obtained just by playing and completing missions. You can use, buy, or sell them to other players.

RAINDROP, Water Elemental Character

The business model is PLAY-TO-EARN
Giving players ownership of game assets and allowing them to increase their value by actively playing are key components of the play-to-earn business model. By participating in the game economy, players create value for other players. In turn , they are rewarded with in-game resources. These digital assets can be anything from cryptocurrencies to in-game resources that are tokenized on the blockchain. That is why the play to win business model goes very well alongside games of blockchain


Why choose the Lamden blockchain?
The development team chose to develop the game on Lamden for many reasons, the most important being its scalability, sub-second speed, low cost and easy to interpret smart contracts.

The dynamism that a game of these characteristics needs: state reading, determining factors and writing to the blockchain quickly, are extremely important.

This gives the player the opportunity to not have to worry about transaction confirmations, waiting times and loading of their assets is a key factor in a game that aims to be fluid and fast-paced.

Low cost:
Much of the transaction costs are borne by the game itself and its platform, in turn, the low cost of using the Lamden blockchain allows us to focus on what really matters “Play”, thus allowing players to spend the least in instances where the use of the network is needed and to be able to allow a minimum impact on their actions and profit that they will obtain in the marketplace.

Smart Contracts:
The creation of smart contracts in Lamden, the ability to write in Python, the easy interpretation and reading through its wallet or API allow us to develop a game logic that is 100% transparent, auditable and understandable by our community and players. Thus, allowing us to create the rules of our world from the beginning of development and not to be linked to a centralized server.

In addition, the ability to evolve our NFTs, also allow us to give your digital assets the opportunity to not only belong to the world of UndergroundWarriors, but in the future to be able to be used in any other DAPPS or Automated Market Maker (AMM) that you want, without losing their evolution in the game.

Investor information

Founder coins
First 20 Investors that buy into UndergroundWarriors founder box will receive 5% of dev rewards, thus there are only 20 founder coins.

Every wallet with founder coins will receive (5% * Amount of founder coins), these rewards will be given monthly or weekly and will stop receiving rewards after 12 months.

What are dev rewards?
Transactions made in-game cost stamps which are paid in TAU, just like Ethereum network pays for transactions in gas. 90% of these transactions goes into a “Dev reward wallet” and will be distributed among the wallets that hold the 20 founder coins.

After 12 Months, everything generated by transactions and that corresponds to Dev Rewards, will be used to generate a better market within the game, prizes in events and tournaments for the players themselves. Thus, supporting a constant economy in the UW world.

1.- Send 1 ETH to 0xcDc6C10866bfE4Ba22F529126971334f1306041c
2.- Contact to Telegram https://t.me/underground_warriors

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Underground Warrios A fighting game with elemental skills that will be your best weapon or your greatest weakness, LEVEL UP YOUR CHARACTERS..